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Agency Director
Roles, Responsibilities, and Competencies


Agency Director leads and directs the daily operations of the company. Establishes and implements quality standards for patient care. Being an Agency Director measures and monitors patient satisfaction and outcomes. Ensures that all operations and reporting requirements are completed. Director must have to ability to convey Precision Caregivers Leadership Values.

• Must be able to demonstrate initiative. Assumes responsibility for achieving results. Empowers others to make decisions whenever possible. Holds self and other accountable for accomplishing goals and objectives, balancing the need for precision with the need for speed.

• Must be able to establish and demand accountability. Ensures that commitments are met and outcomes are delivered upon with time sensitivity.

• Must maintain a constant focus on customer satisfaction

• Must be able to provide ongoing coaching and development. Demonstrates an interest in an understanding of employees’ varied development needs. Provides honest, specific and constructive performance feedback

• Must be able to communicate across a spectrum of the populations regulated by DHH, Support Coordination Agencies, Office Supervisors, Direct Service Workers, Consumers, and various individuals/professionals within the community and other regions. This position requires that the person is able to communicate effectively within Precision Caregivers so as to facilitate positive outcomes/results.

• Must be able to be a self-motivator so that tasks are completed without the need for micro-management or oversight by Board of Directors. It is expected that the Director be able to account for office management in a timely and functional manner.

• Establish and ensure maintenance of a database for employees and consumers with accurate data, as required. Must plan and facilitate all training, organization of employee and consumer records, and ensure DHH regulations are adhered to. Must ensure maintenance of all DHH binders and contractual agreements. Must also organize and oversee all aspects of the office.

• Maintain awareness and knowledge of contemporary HR/Supervisory development theory and methods and provide adequate interpretation to the Director and employees within the agency

• Must initiate relationships with other professionals in the HCBS community. Must also develop and cultivate relationships with DHH, Support Coordination Agencies, consumers, and other community constituents.

• Analyze and monitor internal processes in order to prevent unethical, illegal, or improper conduct of employees.

• Maintain regular consistent and professional attendance, punctuality, and professionalism in accordance with company policy and procedure.

• Monitor DHH regulations to ensure compliance and update standard changes as applicable.

• Assist as needed with addressing and responding to corrective actions to reduce risks of non-compliance. Ensure all employees of Precision Caregivers are aware of compliance requirements to avoid risks. In instances where there is a violation of procedures, policies, or regulations, the Lead Compliance Officer will initiate an investigation to resolve the matter effectively.

• Ensure office filing systems are maintained and current

• Ensure security and confidentiality of information while also maintaining a neat, safe, and secure working environment

• Interview, hire, and terminate staff as outlined in accordance with agency policy and procedure

• Conduct Consumer Assessments and Intake paperwork prior to accepting consumer with Precision Caregivers, while ensuring proper documents are signed and copied

• Complete and disseminate Critical Incident Reports within the designated timelines to the appropriate agency; follow-up documentation is also required to be submitted and maintained per regulations

• Provide documentation of supervision at least quarterly, more often as warranted, and responsible for completing and maintaining plans of care and other required documents to be submitted to appropriate agencies; responsible for maintenance in the consumer and office records

• Responsible for maintaining contact with Support Coordination agencies, ACS, Capital Area, Molina, DHH (OCDD and OAAS), VA, etc.

• Ensure DSW’s adhere to compliance regulations (dress code, policy, procedure) and schedule additional training to identify areas of weakness

• Ensure competency of DSW’s completing job duties/skills required in accordance with plans of care

• Understanding company policy, procedure, and DHH rules and regulations; responsible for following on a daily basis and ensuring staff, consumer, and office compliance

• Other duties as delegated by the Board of Directors

Qualifications and Education Requirements

• Must have, at least, a Bachelor’s Degree.

• Must have a minimum of four years of verifiable experience working in a field providing services to the elderly and/or persons with developmental disabilities.

• Must have knowledge of professionalism required of management practices and procedures.

• Must have basic computer skills and knowledge of basic office software and equipment.

• Must be available in person or by telecommunication at all times for all aspects of agency operation or designate in writing an individual to assume the authority and control of the agency if the director is temporarily unavailable.

Preferred Competency Skills

• Communicates openly and effectively, verbal and written

• Change Management

• Planning and organizing work

• Work and time-management

• Initiative, innovation, and integrity

• Stress tolerance and adaptability

• Teamwork and collaboration

• Builds Successful Relationships with the ability to Lead People

Additional Notes

As an employee of Precision Caregivers, you are given the opportunity to take responsibility for your job description and fulfilling your duties. This job description allows for the clarification of expectations with your employer. It is also not intended to be inclusive of only those duties outlined; it is the expectation of your employer that as you prove to be an asset to the company, you will strive to attain and exceed your personal growth and expectations, while also nurturing and fostering the same of the company for which you have been employed.

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