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Precision Caregivers is a trusted, experienced provider committed to providing quality support and services to our clients and staff. We are a locally owned and operated business established in 2006. Precision specializes in mental health and healthcare for individuals in private residences, hospitals, long-term care facilities and assisted living facilities. Precision was established to provide our clients with a dependable and reliable agency with dedicated caregivers with whom clients and families can trust with caring for their loved ones.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for our consumers. Our staff have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, client intake, service delivery on individualized service plans, staff supervision and training. We are committed to continuous education and improvement while providing unmatched care for our clients.

Presently, we are providing services to approximately 50 percent of the parishes in the state of Louisiana. Our goal is to continue to exhibit our 5 core values everyday that we conduct business.

5 Core Values of Precision Caregivers

  • Service Excellence
  • Commitment to our Community
  • Quality
  • Diversity
  • Leadership

Precision Caregivers is known for caring and compassion but most importantly for our high ethical standards.

Mission Statement

Precision Caregivers is dedicated to providing professional, affordable, and quality services and support to consumers in their homes. We strive to promote dignity, confidentiality, and privacy in the consumer’s home, while compassionately assisting with the attainment of their personal goals and outcomes.

Vision Statement

Precision Caregivers is a premier leader in providing quality care for individuals needing homemaker services in the community and in the privacy of their homes. Precision Caregivers takes pride in enhancing the quality of life for all consumers served as we strive to protect, advocate, and promote professionalism for individuals seeking to receive maximum healthcare outcomes and benefits. We will continue to incorporate our 5 Core Values into the services and products we provide to our consumers.

While Precision Caregivers is acknowledged throughout the State of Louisiana for providing qualified and compassionate professionals, we are most importantly sought by consumers and partnering agencies for maintenance of our high ethical standards. Precision Caregivers is committed to continuous education and implementation of trending technology, so that we achieve success commensurate with our quality and dependable care.

Precision Caregivers will seek, attain, and maintain status as an accredited agency for consumers of our agency. Precision will also be an inspiration to our constituents by providing exemplary leadership, sharing our vision, and recruiting vested partners who will be supportive of our needs and efforts. We will serve our communities with dignity, respect, diversity, and trust; we will foster and nurture our core values to compliment and ensure our success.

Meet Our Team Members

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