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At Precision Caregivers, we turn years of experience into personalized, exceptional care for you. Born and nurtured in Louisiana since 2006, we’ve progressively extended our heartwarming services to even more communities. Specializing in mental health and healthcare, we meet you where you’re comfortable, at home or in care facilities. Rooted in our core values, we’re devoted to perpetual learning and elevation, all to ensure your well-being is at the center of our commitment.

Improving the quality of life through love and compassion.

Personal Care Questionnaire

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Our Mission Statement

Precision Caregivers is dedicated to providing professional, affordable, and quality services and support to consumers in their homes. We strive to promote dignity, confidentiality, and privacy in the consumer’s home, while compassionately assisting with the attainment of their personal goals and outcomes. About Us

Home Care

Elevate daily living with our compassionate care services and support.

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Day Habilitation

Enhance everyday abilities with our transformative programs.

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Independent Living/Skills Building

Empower autonomy through our Independent Living/Skills Building initiatives.

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Discover our wide array of services designed to uplift your well-being.

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A.Make a Referral

When and where to choose great care can be quite challenging. Referrals are accepted from hospitals, health plans, physician groups, court systems, DCFS, OJJ, FINS, schools, families, and friends. Personal care services do not require a referral.

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Great care coupled with great information is the best recipe for success!

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